Isabeli Fontana has endorsed medical cosmetic treatments in a recent interview about how to beat ageing.

For the 35-year-old Victoria’s Secret Angel model, non-surgical cosmetic procedures like botox are the answer to looking and feeling younger. 💪

“A little bit of botox is not bad,” she told a UK newspaper “…if you don’t do it, age will mark your skin, and I don’t like that at all.”

Let’s be honest — botox works for Isabeli and that’s great, but at ADAM’s clinic, we have to take a responsible view when deciding what’s right for our patients.

Unhappy with how you look? Botox might be the answer, dermal fillers could be the solution — or a little of both. But sometimes…it’s neither! We totally understand why Isabeli, as a celebrity, would recommend botox to her fans, but right now we’re putting our serious hats on (which look fabulous, by the way! 🎩) — having botox is a clinical procedure and the decision whether to have botox should not be taken lightly. Luckily for you, Adam can help!

With Adam, you have a highly-qualified and registered clinician: he’ll ensure your safety throughout the treatment. Adam will discuss the treatment with you so can make an truly informed decision on whether to go ahead.

We want our patients to feel safe, looked-after, and in control of the treatment they’re receiving. That’s so important to us! Adam and I aspire to provide the best service to our customers, with an emphasis on personalised treatments and ensuring great results time and time again — safely. Adam comes from a background of providing high quality patient-care in the NHS and was once nominated for an NHS Hero award. Thankfully, the ethos of putting the patient first has never left him and this shines through in the work he does for his botox and dermal filler patients.

If you have questions about having botox or dermal fillers, please get in touch — we’d love to hear from you! You can also find out more about botox and dermal fillers by clicking the Treatments option on the menu. 😊

Speak soon!