Botox case studies

Botox injections case study Carl

Glabella (frown-lines)

Carl had three areas treated with botox. The images below show the effect the treatment had on his frown lines — the vertical line between his eyebrows has dramatically reduced after only one treatment! With regular treatments the line will fade even further over time.

Overall, the result is subtle but fresh-looking, not ‘plastic’ or fake. The result will be long-lasting, reducing the fine lines and wrinkles, particularly across the forehead and around the eyes, resulting in a more youthful appearance, which Carl was delighted with!

Botox injections case study Shelly


Shelly requested a strong result for her forehead. In her ‘after’ shot, it may appear that Shelly isn’t raising her eyebrows, but she is! Her botox treatment prevents her creasing her forehead, and stops the age-defining lines developing.

The overall result for Shelly is natural — following treatment, but before Shelly came back for her review, several of her friends had already commented how ‘fresh and well’ she looked, but did not spot that she’d had botox. Adam makes sure the results are natural and not over-the-top!