One of our most popular treatments is lip fillers, where dermal filler is injected into the border and body of your lips. At adam, We use the industry-standard Juvederm product to perfect both the shape and ‘fullness’ of our clients’ lips.

Many of our treatments are targeted at helping you look more youthful, but lip fillers are an example of one that can be used by younger women (and men) to improve the look of their lips!

Many clients who enquire about lip fillers have what they call a ‘thin lip’, where they feel their top lip is too slim compared to the bottom. And that’s how Adam will determine how much dermal filler to use: the top lip should be balanced with and complement the bottom lip so as not to look unnatural.

Adam has a great track-record of working with clients to achieve the best results. Safety is an important consideration with any treatment that involves injections. Adam has a lot of experience with lip fillers technique and his medical knowledge ensures that the procedure is carried out safely.

Adam will also make sure you’re as comfortable as possible through the treatment. If needed, you can be injected with an anaesthetic or simply use some numbing cream beforehand. A lot of our clients find it manageable, and tell us that it’s nowhere near as painful as they thought!

But what kind of look do you think looks the best? Kylie Jenner (see image above) is known for the significant improvement she achieved through lip fillers, and it’s certainly a popular look amongst our clients. Let us know what you think by commenting below! Here’s a few examples we’ve found of celebrities who’ve had the treatment:

Maybe you’re looking for more a subtle effect. If there’s a specific result you’re after, give us a call today or send us a message and Adam will get in touch to discuss it with you.

And why not have a quick look our before and after shots to see the other kinds of treatments we offer. There’s also more information on our dermal fillers treatments here.

You can be treated in your own home or you can come to our popular Stockport clinic.