TV Personality Carol McGiffin, from ITVs Loose Women, has admitted she is totally addicted to the wrinkle-relaxing treatment botox and is considering a face lift!

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Carol McGiffin Confesses her Botox Addiction!


The controversial celebrity, known for speaking her mind and not holding back, also admitted she previously said she would ‘never’ have botox done! Carol, a cancer survivor, aged 56, discusses how she plans to have ‘little and often’ which is a good idea as this will ensure she will look more natural and avoids the risk of the ‘plastic’ look.

Carol is also known for having a rather handsome younger partner Mark, and we did wonder  if the age gap was something that may have bothered her. However, she is as confident and outspoken as ever and we applaud her for being open and honest about her aesthetic treatments and being responsible about her approach.

Check out the video interview here!

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