At adam, we offer botox injection treatments in our Stockport clinic. The clinic rooms are equipped with all the kinds of technology and devices that you’d expect to find in your GP’s surgery. It definitely feels like a safe place to have any kind of medical procedure.

But we also offer to perform botox injections and dermal fillers treatments in your home. Within the industry and in some online articles (like this one), there is some discussion as to whether or not it’s appropriate to perform the treatments we provide in a ‘non-clinical’ environment.

I’d like to explore this briefly in this blog post, just to give you some assurances as to why we think it’s acceptable and safe for you have botox treatments in your home — as long as appropriate safety guidelines are followed.

Here’s why our treatments are performed safely, whether in the clinic or in your home:

  1. There are many medical treatments that are approved for home delivery, such as IV antibiotics (in fact, Adam is part of a team of senior clinicians that manages NHS patients receiving IV antibiotics in their homes across Stockport, Bury, Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale.)

    Patients can also receive chemotherapy and kidney dialysis at home. These treatments are far more complicated and serious than botox and dermal fillers injections, which are relatively low-risk procedures.
  2. Adam follows NHS-approved guidelines to ensure the treatments are performed safely. These include Aseptic Non Touch Technique, which includes clear instructions on using alcohol gel to clean hands, setting up an ‘aseptic field’ (a tray!) to prepare the botox and using gloves when performing the procedure. In the rare event that you have an allergic reaction to a product, Adam carries special medication with him that reverse the effects of such a reaction.
  3. Adam sought advice from the bodies that regulate both nurses (the NMC) and doctors (the GMC) before offering mobile appointments to our clients. Both organisations confirmed that, if the procedures were performed safely, there was no reason as to why patients couldn’t have the procedures performed in their homes.
  4. Adam is a highly-qualified nurse, having undertaken a Masters in Advanced Practice, and is Head of Nursing at an organisation that provides NHS services across the North West. He’s also had articles published in well respected journals such as the British Journal of Nursing.

So you can rest-assured that you’re in good hands if you choose Adam to perform your treatment!

If there’s any other questions you have about Adam, his experience, or the treatments we provide, then please get in touch, either by calling 0161 920 6108 or emailing