Man-sized lip filler treatments

When I was a teenager in the noughties, boys were only just starting to care about how they looked; the restrictions of ‘masculinity’ stopped them from trying different hair styles or experimenting with fashion. It wasn’t so cool to be conscious of your looks or to take action to improve them. 

(Of course there were always the exceptions — the ‘counter-culture’ Boy Georges of the day.)

However, much has changed in the last twenty years. More men than ever are open to having spray tans, body hair waxing, to wearing make-up and to having other cosmetic help.  

Times are a’changing and here at ADAM, we’re all for that! People should be able to express and present themselves how they want. And we think it’s healthy for men to be a little less ‘masculine’ in their decision-making, for a few reasons. Ultimately, like all our treatments, the result not only looks great, but can also makes you feel better in yourself and happier. Win win!

So now, botox and dermal fillers are becoming more commonplace for today’s modern man; men recognise the benefits of these enhancements and can now have procedures without the risk of getting stick from their mates! 

The latest addition to the list of mainstream cosmetic work for men, and what I’m discussing here today is lip filler, or lip ‘menjections’!

What lip filler results are men looking for?

It depends! Some men have naturally thin lips and simply want a subtle treatment to address that, whilst other men may want to make more of a statement, like Chris Hughes below. Either result is possible! Lip menjections can be styled to the look you want and for that reason, we think they’re suitable for men of any age — it’s about the result and Adam will work hard to ensure it suits you.

Celebrities who’ve taken the plunge!

We love to give celebrity examples, so here’s Brad Pitt showing how the more mature man can keep a youthful and subtle look by having volume added to his lower lip. And Chris Hughes, star of Love Island, one of the early adopters in a new wave of younger men who’re open to enhancing their lips — they’ve started the menjection trend!

The research!

Is there any science behind the benefits of fuller-looking lips for me? Well, in 2003, research found that lip size was a key factor in sexual attraction for both men AND women. Interesting! And what’s even better? We can help you if you’re looking for lip menjections. Read on! 

I want some!

Adam is highly experienced in treating male clients and works safely to achieve the result you’re looking for. Check out our Facebook reviews, and get in touch now if you want find out more or book in for the treatment!